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CRS7120 series|Managed 16+4G Ethernet Switch
CRS7120 series
Series Description: Managed 16+4G Ethernet Switch

*16 fixed 100MB Ethernet ports, rate adaptive, full / half duplex mode, support port automatic turnover

*4 fixed Gigabit SFP interfaces, which can be adapted to 1000m SFP optical module (supporting single mode and multimode) and 1000m SFP electrical interface module (supporting twisted pair transmission)

*Eight 100m full duplex optical ports (default SC interface, optional FC, St, 120 km transmission) or 8 100M Ethernet electrical ports are available

*It supports web, CLI and SNMP management modes, and the CLI supports telnet and console login

*Support QoS, IGMP, 802.1Q VLAN function

*Support RSTP and CK ring for Ethernet redundancy

*Support relay alarm output for power supply, port and ring network status alarm

*Support redundant wide voltage 100V ~ 240V AC power input (optional for 220V DC and 48V DC)

*Adopt high strength IP40 shell and industrial EMC design

*1U standard rack installation

*Working temperature range: - 40 ~ 75 ℃, meet the requirements of various industrial sites

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         Crs7120 series 16 + 4G network management rack type industrial Ethernet switch adopts high strength IP40 protective shell and industrial grade EMC design. It is a self-developed two-layer Ethernet switch. Provides management functions, which can be managed through web browser, CLI and SNMP. 16 fixed 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet ports, 4 fixed 1000base modules (supporting single-mode and multi-mode) or 1000BASE-T module (supporting twisted pair transmission) are provided. Based on the industrial installation requirements, we provide 1U standard rack type installation mode. At the same time, it adopts fan free, low power consumption, industrial design, and the working temperature range of - 40 ~ 75 ℃ can meet the requirements of various industrial sites and provide convenient Ethernet communication solutions.

    Traditional switching characteristics
    *According to ieee802.3/802.3u/802.3z standard, store and forward switching mode
    *It provides 16 fixed 10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet ports, and supports automatic port flipping
    *Four fixed 1000base modules (supporting single mode and multimode) or 1000BASE-T module (supporting twisted pair transmission) are provided
    *Adopt high strength IP40 shell and industrial EMC design
    *Support redundant wide voltage 100 ~ 240V AC power input (36 ~ 48V DC optional)
    *- 40 ~ 75 ℃ working temperature range

    Networking characteristics of industrial redundant Ethernet
    *It supports web, CLI and SNMP, and cli supports telnet and console login
    *Support store and forward mechanism
    *Support port common feature settings, such as port enable, adaptive or mandatory, flow control, etc
    *Support port image for online debugging and monitoring network data status
    *Support port bandwidth limiting function and optimize bandwidth utilization
    *Support port aggregation function, used to expand network bandwidth and improve network transmission efficiency
    *Support port priority QoS settings to improve network service quality
    *Support port MAC address learning and data statistics
    *Support 802.1Q VLAN setting, effectively control broadcast domain
    *Support unicast / multicast MAC address management
    *It supports static IGMP multicast filtering to filter multicast traffic in industrial Ethernet protocol
    *Support broadcast storm suppression function
    *Support SNMP V1 / V2C / V3 to enable different levels of network management
    *It supports RSTP to avoid the proliferation and infinite loop of packets in the loop network
    *It supports plug and play redundant self-healing Ethernet ring network technology (self-healing recovery time < 20ms), and supports three ring network modes: single ring, tangent and intersection
    *Support relay alarm output

    *Support global network system management

    * IEEE802.3、IEEE802.3u、IEEE 802.3z、IEEE802.3x、IEEE802.1Q、IEEE802.1p 、IEEE802.1d、IEEE802.1w

    * RJ45: 10/100Base-T(X) , speed adaptive, Full/Semi-Duplex, MDI/MDI-X adaptive
    * SFP: 1000Base-X or SFP Copper 1000Base-T
    * Console: RS-232(RJ45)

    * 10M Forward: 14881pps
    * 100M Forward: 148810pps
    * 1000M Forward: 1488096pps
    * Mode: Store and forward
    * Banwidth: 12.8Gbps
    * Cache: 1.5Mbits
    * MAC: 16K

    *  AC Input: redundant 100~240V AC(50~60Hz 1.2A)
    *  DC Input: redundant 36~48V DC
    *  Relay: port, power and ring network errors alarm
    *  Max. capcity: 1A@24VDC

    *  Dimension(W×H×D): 482.6mm×44mm×322.5mm
    *  Net Weight: 5kg
    *  Case: IP40 metal case
    *  Install: Standard 1U Rack-Mount

    *  Working Temperature: -40℃~75℃
    *  Storage Temperature: -40℃~85℃
    *  Humidity: 5% ~ 95% (no condensing)

    *  5years

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    CRS712016*100M RJ45,4*1000M SFP interface(electronical/optical),19"1U Rack-mount,managed
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