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CK6080S,CK7080S Serial|8FE+2GE+4D(Modbus Serial) Ports Industrial Ethernet Switch
CK6080S,CK7080S Serial
Series Description: 8FE+2GE+4D(Modbus Serial) Ports Industrial Ethernet Switch

* 10 Port FE+GE with Serial Port support
* Support Web, CLI and SNMP management, CLI can access by Telnetor CONSOLE
* QoS, IGMP, 802.1Q VLAN
* Support RSTP and Ring, Failure recovery time of the Ring < 20ms
* Serial port communicate on Ethernet, support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP mode
* Support ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU, ARP protocols
* Modbus Slave mode supports 12 Tcp master connections
* Warning by relay output for power, ports and network status
* Metal housing with IP40 protection, EMC industrial level 4 supported
* Wide range voltage redundant dual inputs, full-load power consumption < 11W
* DIN-Rail Mounting and Wall Mounting supported
* Standard operating temperature -40~85℃to satisfy harsh industrial environment

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    This device is designed for flexible industrial circumstances and provides a high cost performance Ethernet solution. You can manage it by powerful features with WEB browser, Command Line (CLI) and SNMP. It also supports redundant dual inputs with wide range voltage (12~48V DC) to improve the reliability. 4~8*10/100BaseT(X) RJ45 ports, 0~2*1000M SFP ports and 0~2*100BaseFX fiber ports can be combined according to your requirements. Furthermore, 1 RS232 serial ports and 1 optional RS422/RS485 serial ports or 3 RS485 serial ports support transfer serial data on Ethernet, and embedded Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU protocols can connect Modbus devices on Ethernet readily. DIN35 or wall mounting are provided for distinct industrial installation.


    Basic Switching Features
    * IEEE802.3/802.3u/802.3ab/802.3x, store-and-forward switching
    * 4~8*10/100BaseT(X) RJ45 ports, Auto-Negotiation speed(10M/100M),auto Duplex mode and MDI/MDI-X connection
    * 0~2*100BaseFX 100M full Duplex fiber ports (default SC port, FC/ST optional), max to 120km
    * 1 RS232 serial ports and 1 optional RS422/RS485 serial ports or 3 RS485 serial ports support transfer serial data on Ethernet, support TCP Server, TCP Client, UDP, ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU data    transmitting mode
    * 0~2*1000M SFP port, 1000M fiber port or RJ45 port module selective
    * Broadcast storm control
    * Metal housing with IP40 protection and EMC industrial level 4
    * Wide range power voltage with 12~48V DC inputs, full load power consumption less than 11W
    * Advanced Industrial Ethernet Network Features
    * Web, CLI and SNMP management
    * Port setting: speed or duplex, flow control
    * Port Mirroring to debug online or monitor the data status
    * Rate-limit to optimize the bandwidth of network
    * Port trunking to expand the bandwidth and improve the efficiency of the network
    * QoS setting to improve the quality of the service
    * Port MAC-address learning and statistics
    * 802.1Q VLAN to control multicast domain
    * Unicast/multicast MAC-address management
    * IGMP Snooping to filter multicast traffic
    * SNMP V1/V2C/V3 improve the security of network management in different level
    * RSTP to avoid indefinite message copy in the ring
    * Auto-recovery redundant CK-Ring(full-load failure recovery time < 20ms), supports Single-Ring, Tangency-Ring and Intersection-Ring
    * Warning by relay output
    * Rich network system management

    * RJ45 port: 10/100BaseT(X)Auto-Negotiation speed,  auto Full/Half Duplex , auto MDI/MDI-X connection
    * Fiber port: 100BaseFX 100M full Duplex (default SC port, FC/ST optional), max to 120 km
    * SFP port: 1000M SFP port, 1000M optic fiber or RJ45 interface optional
    * Serial Port: RS232 110~115.2Kbps, supports  RXD/TXD/GND lines; RS422 supports RX-/RX+/TX-/TX+ full-Duplex mode; RS485 supports A/B half-duplex mode; RS422/485 support speed
    * 110~115.2Kbps; Instant Isolation Voltage 5KV, Continuous Isolation Voltage 1KV
    * Support ModbusTCP, ModbusRTU protocols
    * Modbus Slave mode supports 12 Tcp master connections
    * Console: RS-232(RJ45 port)
    * Warning: 1 relay, current load DC24V/1A
    * Power: Dual inputs, 2 pluggable four-pins power terminal
    * Exchange Property
    * Ten trillion forwarding speed:14881pps
    * Fast forwarding speed:148810pps
    * Gigabit forwarding speed: 1488095pps
    * Transmission way:Store-and-forward.
    * Switching bandwidth:5.6Gbps
    * Buffer memory size:1Mbits
    * MAC address table:8K

    Power Supply
    * Dual redundant inputs with wide range voltage ( 12~48V DC ), typical 12V/24V/48V
    * Full load power consumption less than 11W
    * Overload-Current protection

    * Warning output: for port, power or ring failure
    * Contact Capability: DC24V/1A, industrial terminal

    Physical Characteristics
    * Dimensions ( W x H x D ): 50mm×150.5mm×125.5mm
    * Weight: 900 g
    * Housing: Metal, IP40 protection
    * Installation: Wall mounting or DIN rail mounting
    * Environment Limits
    * Work Temp.: -40℃~85℃
    * Storage Temp.: -40℃~85℃
    * Relative Humidity: 5%~95% (non-condensing)

    * Warranty Period: 5 years

    Standard and Certifications
    * IEC61000-4-2(ESD): ±6KV touch, ±15KV atmosphere
    * IEC61000-4-3(RS): 10V/m (80-1000MHZ)
    * IEC61000-4-4(EFT): power cable ±2/4KV, data cable ±2KV
    * IEC61000-4-5(Surge): power cable±4KV CM/±2KV DM, data cable: ±4KV
    * IEC61000-4-6(CS): 3V(10KHZ-150KHZ),10V(150KHZ-80MHZ)
    * IEC61000-4-8(MS): 100A/M COUNT 1000A/M, 1S TO 3SI
    * IEC61000-4-12/18(HFRD): 2.5KV CM, 1KV DM
    * IEC61000-4-10(DP): 30A/M
    * IEC61000-4-16(CM): 30V COUNT 300V, 1S
    * IEC61000-6-2, IEC61850-3, IEEE1613
    * EN50121-4
    SelectProduct ModelDescribe
    CK6080S-048*10/100BaseT(X) RJ45 ports, 1*RS232+3*RS485, DIN35 rail mounting
    CK6080S-038*10/100BaseT(X) RJ45 ports, 1*RS232+1*RS485+1*RS422, DIN35 rail mounting
    CK7080S-048*10/100BaseT(X) RJ45 ports, 1*RS232+3*RS485, 2*1000M SFP slots (optical or electrical interface optional), DIN35 rail mounting
    CK7080S-038*10/100BaseT(X) RJ45 ports, 1*RS232+1*RS485+1*RS422, 2*1000M SFP slots (optical or electrical interface optional), DIN35 rail mounting
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