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Ci-CF110/120 series|ControlNet Serial Data to Fiber Optic Converter
Ci-CF110/120 series
Series Description: ControlNet Serial Data to Fiber Optic Converter

* Provide 1 ControlNet bus interface, communication rate up to 5Mbps
* Support 1~2 Fiber Optic Ports, ST connector ( SC, FC Optional)
* Support Optical Fiber link failure and power error alarm LED indication
* DC (18~36V) dual redundant power input (can be customized with 9~18VDC), With DC1500V voltage isolation and reverse connect protection
* IP40 protection, Metal case (wave grain aluminum reinforce case option), 35mmDIN-Rail Installation
* Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 75℃ suitable to various Industrial work situation

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         This series of products is an industrial grade ControlNet bus optical fiber converter, in line with the ControlNet protocol, 5Mbps communication rate, single / double fiber port network support. Ci-CF110 support one channel optical fiber interface, one channel bus data interface, Ci-CF120 supports two cascaded optical fiber interface, one bus data interface. This product features with industrial grade design, IP40 protection grade, wavy aluminum strengthening shell, 35mmDIN rail installation, DC (18~36V) wide power input (9~18VDC power model customizable), with relay alarm output, power supply redundancy and isolation protection etc.. -40~75 working temperature range, can meet the requirements of a variety of industrial sites, providing convenient optical fiber communication solutions.
    Bus data interface
    * Interface type:BNC-F
    * Support ControlNet bus standard,Baud Rates: 5Mbps
    * constant voltage 1000V
    * Resistor: without terminal resistor, connect external when necessary.

    Optical Interface
    * Wave length: multi-mode 850nm、1310 nm;  single mode 1310 nm、1550nm
    * Fiber type: multi-mode 50/125um、62.5/125um、100/140um;single mode 8.3/125 um、9/125um、10/125um
    * Transmission distance: multi-mode 2km, single mode 20km.
    * Fiber interface type: ST/SC/FC (optional); ST (standard configuration).
    * Single Fiber wavelength: A: Transmit wavelength is single mode 1310nm, then Receive wavelength is 1550nm; B: Transmit wavelength is single mode 1550nm, then Receive wavelength is 1310nm

    * DC (18~36V) dual redundant power input (can be customized with 9~18VDC), industrial standard voltage DC 24V, consumption is less than 1.5W, With DC 1500V voltage isolation and reverse connect protection, adopt 5 cores 5.08mm industrial terminal port (please use industrial standard power, otherwise it will occur unit error or damage). 

    * Relay: Fiber link fault alarm
    * Contact rating: 1A @24V DC, Industrial Terminal port

    * Dimensions (H×D×W): 136mm×104.8mm×52.8mm
    * Weight:800g
    * Casing: IP40 protection, wave grain aluminum reinforce case option
    * Installation: Wall mounting or DIN rail mounting

    * Operating Temperature:-40℃~75℃(-40℃~85℃ optional)
    * Storage Temperature: -40℃~85℃
    * Ambient Relative Humidity: 5%~95%(non-condensing)

    * Warranty Period: 5 years

    SelectProduct ModelDescribe
    Ci-CF110-MMultimode fiber 2KM, one fiber port, connector ST/SC/FC, data rate:5Mbps.
    Ci-CF120-MMultimode fiber 2KM, dual fiber ports, connector ST/SC/FC, date rate: 5Mbps.
    Ci-CF110-SSingle mode fiber, transmission distance: 20KM, single fiber port, connector ST/SC/FC, date rate: 5Mbps.
    Ci-CF120-SSingle mode fiber, dual fiber ports, transmission distance 20KM, connector ST/SC/FC, date rate: 5Mbps.
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