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Cj-sf12 serial data optical terminal|Cj-sf12 serial data optical terminal
Cj-sf12 serial data optical terminal
Series Description: Cj-sf12 serial data optical terminal

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    High-speed and reliable transmission rs-232, rs-485 / rs-422 serial port signal, solve the electromagnetic interference, earth ring interference and lightning damage of the industrial field problems, greatly improve the reliability, security and confidentiality of data communication.

    * it is applicable to the query communication system of one principal to many subordinate, the number of access nodes is unlimited in theory, and it has the characteristics of convenient networking and flexible interface, which can form the chain type and ring type network structure.
    * smart electrical interface, rs-232, rs-485 or rs-422 interface via different pins, no setup required.
    * perfect status indicator, LED light alarm, convenient for maintenance and fault treatment.

    RS232 interface:

    * standard DB9 female head (rs-232), conforming to eiars-232 standard;

    * transmission rate: 0~120Kbps;

    * output level: -14v to +14V;

    * transmission distance: 15m.

    Optical fiber interface:

    * optical fiber wavelength: 850nm(multi-mode), 1310nm(single-mode);

    * interface form: single multi-mode,ST/SC/FC interface optional;

    * transmission distance: 2Km for multi-mode and 20Km for single-mode;

    Other indicators:

    * power supply: 5V, 2W;

    * ESD: +/ -15kv (mannequin), +/ -8kv contact discharge;

    * dimensions: 100mm*90mm*50(DIN35 guide rail type)

    * weight: 300g;

    * working temperature: 0 ~ 70 ℃ (optional - 25 ~ 70 ℃);

    * relative humidity: 0~95%(no condensation)

    * mounting method: DIN35 guide rail.
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