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Cj-sf81242 serial multi-service optical terminal|Cj-sf81242 serial multi-service optical terminal
Cj-sf81242 serial multi-service optical terminal
Series Description: Cj-sf81242 serial multi-service optical terminal

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    Dual optical port single (multiple) mode, 8-channel RS232+ 1-channel RS422/RS485, 2-channel Ethernet port, 4-channel voice relay or 2-channel remote signal output of remote voice A and B ports

    * supports ring network self-healing function

    * RS232 bus arbitration function

    * network

    * standard 1U rack type
    * bit error rate of data transmission: 10-10

    * asynchronous rate: 0--115.2Kbps (adaptive)

    * electrical characteristics: in line with RS232, RS422, RS485 related standards, rs-485 interface can be connected to 32-128 nodes, communication distance of 1200 meters, physical interface: db15-hole

    * fiber line rate: 32Mbit/s

    * interface form: FC /SC (optional)

    * power supply mode: DC+5V, +12V, +24V, + 48V, AC 220V, generally used to provide user side voice interface + 48V, AC 220V

    * working temperature: - 35 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

    * storage temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

    * operating humidity: 5% ~ 95%

    * maximum number of cascade stations: 50

    * industrial Ethernet network standard: in line with IEEE802.3 10base-t

    * interface form: RJ45(with shielding)

    * TP line length: up to 100m

    * effective audio transmission bandwidth: 300 ~ 3400Hz

    * pulse code modulation characteristics: in line with GB7610 standard requirements

    * audio interface impedance: 600 Ω

    * switch side interface: FXO, user side interface: FXS

    * nominal voltage from user feed: -48v 10%

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