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Cj-sf3212 serial multi-service optical terminal|Cj-sf3212 serial multi-service optical terminal
Cj-sf3212 serial multi-service optical terminal
Series Description: Cj-sf3212 serial multi-service optical terminal

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    Provide 2 pairs FC/SC single-mode optical ports, 3 channels RS232 and 2 channels RS485 data, a 10 MBPS Ethernet interface USES the network management system for optical network management and maintenance, network management interface address automatic recognition function, through the network management software can complete network automatic identification and automatic configuration function, it also provides users with channels and methods of the automatic equipment configuration, provides the function of the main backup, each site has three states: end, distal and backup innings side, through the network management software Settings, failure of backup end can be automatically increased to innings, support ring network self-healing function.
    * bit error rate of data transmission: 10-10

    * asynchronous rate: 0--115.2Kbps (adaptive)

    * electrical characteristics: in line with RS232, RS422, RS485 related standards, rs-485 interface can be connected to 32-128 nodes, communication distance of 1200 meters, physical interface: db15-hole

    * fiber line rate: 32Mbit/s

    * interface form: FC /SC (optional)

    * power supply mode: DC+5V, +12V, +24V, + 48V, AC 220V

    * working temperature: - 35 ℃ ~ 75 ℃

    * storage temperature: - 40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃

    * operating humidity: 5% ~ 95%

    * maximum number of cascade stations: 50

    * industrial Ethernet network standard: in line with IEEE802.3 10base-t

    * interface form: RJ45(with shielding)

    * TP line length: up to 100m
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