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Ci-AA200/DD200/OO200 Series |CAN BUS/DeviceNet/CANOpen  isolator
Ci-AA200/DD200/OO200 Series
Series Description: CAN BUS/DeviceNet/CANOpen isolator

* Provide 2 CAN bus interface, in line with CAN2.0A/B, DeviceNet, CANOpen protocol, communication rate up to 500Kbps
* 2 Ports isolation function, support star link
* Support CAN electrical isolation,constant voltage 1000V
* Support Fieldbus ports error Relay alarm output,the unit has 120 ohms, use corresponding switch to make it to be enable, provide 4000V lightning protection function
* Provide 3 LED status indicators
* DC (18~36V) dual redundant power input (can be customized with 9~18V DC), With DC 1500V voltage isolation and reverse connect protection
* IP40 protection, Metal case (wave grain aluminum reinforce case option), 35mmDIN-Rail Installation
* Operating Temperature: -40℃ to 75℃ suitable to various Industrial work situation

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        This series of products is a can series bus isolator, in line with the CAN2.0A/B, DeviceNet, CANOpen protocol Fieldbus standards, rate adaptive, 2-channel bus interface data forwarding, electrical signal isolation and cable system to provide a star link. It also equips with 18~36V DC wide power input (9~18V DC customizable), alarm relay output, power supply redundancy and other advantages.This series of products featured with industrial design, IP40 protection level, wave pattern aluminum reinforced casing,35mm DIN rail installation, it has the Fieldbus ports error Relay alarm output, redundancy power supply and isolation protection etc. It equipped with -40~75℃ wide temperature range, can meet the requirements of a variety of industrial sites.
    Bus data interface
    * 2 5-Pin terminal interface, in line with the recommendations of the organization of CiA and ODVA
    * Support CAN/DeviceNet/CANOpen bus standard
    * Baud Rates: DeviceNet/CANOpen full rate adaptation, up to 500Kbps
    * Provide 4000V lightning protection function
    * Resistor: the unit has 120 ohms, use corresponding switch to make it to be enable

    * DC (18~36V) dual redundant power input (can be customized with 9~18V DC), industrial standard voltage DC 24V, consumption is less than 4W, With DC 1500V voltage isolation and reverse connect protection, adopt 5 cores 5.08mm industrial terminal port (please use industrial standard power, otherwise it will occur unit error or damage).

    * Relay: Fieldbus ports error Relay alarm output
    * Contact rating: 1A @24V DC, Industrial Terminal port

    * Dimensions (H×D×W): 136mm×104.8mm×52.8mm
    * Weight:800g
    * Casing: IP40 protection, wave grain aluminum reinforce case option
    * Installation: Wall mounting or DIN rail mounting

    * Operating Temperature:-40℃~75℃
    * Storage Temperature: -40℃~85℃
    * Ambient Relative Humidity: 5%~95%(non-condensing)

    * Warranty Period: 5 years

    * IEC61000-4-2(ESD): Power ±4KV Contact, ±15KV Air; Relay ±6KV Contact, ±15KV Air; Data Cable ±15KV Air
    * IEC61000-4-4(EFT):Power ±500V, Data Cable ±500V
    * IEC61000-4-5(Surge):Power ±2KV CM/ ±1KV DM, Relay±2KV CM/ ±1KV DM
    * IEC60068-2-27(Shock)
    * IEC60068-2-32(Free Fall)
    * IEC61000-6-2(General Industrial Standard)
    * EN50121-4 (rail transit)

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    Ci-AA2002 CAN bus port, rate adaptive
    Ci-DD2002 DeviceNET bus port, rate adaptive
    Ci-OO2002 CANOpen bus port, rate adaptive
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